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I was curious how are able to travel so much. And whether you have any advice.



to your first question: We are all able to travel as much as we like.

To your second question: Make sacrifices in benefit of your travel dreams (if thats what you are dreaming about). This entire question is less about travel specifically and more about making things happen, right? I spend less money on trivial things like nice clothes and whatever (my sacrifice, I would like to look good every now and again..), and I use said saved money on plane tickets and gas. 

The other part of this answer is simply the doing. Get in your car and start it. just go. logic might tell you that the time constraints, travel funds, and the general viability of a trip just aren’t there, but thats horse shit. If you get in your car and go where you want to, and work to make things happen, life will bend around you. not the other way around. 

Sorry for what might seem a harsh answer, but I am passionate about working to make life meet my needs, and that passion sometimes spills out aggressively.. This is a great question!


one very cold morning.

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Lone Elk in Grand Teton National Park VIV ➾ Luke Gram

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